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Working in the Meeting

There are a few functionalities of the meeting room once in the meeting

    • You can see the list of attendees and give people presenter power in the left menu

  • To give someone a presenter role click the white switch by their names, it will turn blue and go into the presenter category, to remove presenter privileges just click the same switch again.
  • Mute by clicking on the blue mic, it will turn white when muted.
  • To do a video click on the white camera, which will turn blue if working.
  • To share your screen click the monitor in the middle
  • To use whiteboard click the drip
      • Once in whiteboard you will get an empty white screen with the x button an option to leave whiteboard
      • To change colors of pens click the pen on top
      • To make your lines smaller or larger, click the inkpen with the minus or plus.
      • To share an image click on the image under the “T”
      • To add text click on the “T”
      • Use the hand to move the image out of the way or get more white space.

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