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Working in Builder

To begin using the template builder you must first create a new campaign, or update a previous campaign. You can either use one of our templates or start building a new template from scratch.

Add Elements

  1. All elements are added to the page by clicking and dragging to the appropriate area.
  2. The elements section has 6 six subsections:
  • Typography: Things such as headings, text placement, lists, features, price tables, and jumbotron.
  • Media: Images and Photos
  • Layout: Dividers, view in browser.
  • Button: Buttons that people can click on
  • Social: Social links.
  • Footer: Your address and logo
  1. To change the placement of the elements click on the corner of the element and drag it to the correct location.

Adding Images and Media

  1. To add an image, go to the media tab and drag image from the menu to your template.
  2. Once you’ve added it into the template, click on the image to see the image menu.
  3. In that menu, there will be image settings. Click on it to open the drop-down where you will see the option to change the image.
  4. From there follow the instructions to upload an image. Changing the image size is in the same drop-down, just adjust the image width and height to the appropriate size.

Adding a text Link

  1. To add a link to the text highlight the text you want to make into a link. Then the text menu should appear above the highlighted text.
  2. In the text menu, there will be a button for adding a link, in the shape of a link. When filling out the ‘Insert Link’ box, make sure that your URL has no extra symbols in front or at the end of it.

Adding a link to a button

  1. First, add a button by going to the elements section and choosing ‘button’, then click and drag the feature into place.

There are two methods to add a link to a button.

  • The first is by highlighting the text in your button and following the instructions to “Adding a Text Link”
  • Or you can select the button itself, then you will be taken to the button drop-down menu. Copy and paste your link into the ‘Hyperlink’ section. Make sure there are no extra symbols before or after your link.

Adding the footer complete with social media, address, and logo.

  1. The social media list of icons falls under “Social” in the elements section.
  2. After dragging and dropping the style of icons you prefer, you will notice that all the social media icons are present. Click on the icons to get the “Social” menu to appear and then only select the icons of the social media you have set up. Then add the URL’s, make sure there are no symbols before or after your URL.
    • To add your complete address, go to the footer section of the elements tab. There you can add a foot with just your address or your address with your logo.

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