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Marketing Workflow Terms and Steps

Types of Workflows

When you get started on your marketing workflow you have the choice of selecting the system suggested workflow, one of our pre-made workflows, or a blank workflow that you can create yourself.

The system suggested workflow takes into account your industry, and most used workflows in your industry for marketing. It’s an ai based system that will learn from the workflows you build, and others build in your industry and will update itself every few months.

There are four premade workflows you can choose from.

  • Email website registered users every 30 days: Send an email to all your registered users in every 30 days to get engaged with them.
  • Email and engage with ChatBot users: Send email to ChatBot users and engage with them with tagging and sending follow up email.
  • Email and SMS Abandoned Cart users every 7 days: Send an email and a sms to abandoned cart users in every 7 days to increase sell.
  • Email and follow up with prospects every 30 days: Send an email campaign with open event tracking. Send followup email to those who opened the email.

You can make edits and additions to all the workflows.

Conditions and Actions

Conditions are the circumstances that prompt actions to begin.

  • Message Opened?: If the message was opened by a lead then this condition is fulfilled, and lead will be taken to the next action.
  • Link Clicked?: If a lead clicks on a link in your campaign then the condition is fulfilled and they move onto the next action.
  • Message Replied?: If a replies to the main email in the campaign then the condition is fulfilled and they move onto the next action.

Actions are the responses to the conditions. For example if a condition was a clicked link, and action is to send out an email after the link was clicked.

  • Send Email: This action sends out an email campaign that you’ve created to the chosen group of people.
  • Wait: This action forces the system to wait for a set amount of time before performing the next action
  • Add a Tag: This action marks a group of people, puts them on a list for future reference so you can separate them for future campaigns.
  • Send Follow Up Email: This action sends out the emails from a secondary email campaign in response to the primary campaign you sent out.
  • Post On Social Media: This action will make a post on a social media of your choice.
  • Send Survey: This action sends out a survey that you have created.
  • Send SMS: This action sends out an SMS Campaign that you’ve created to the chosen group of people.
  • Repeat: Repeat the above action items.

Editing the Workflow

Adding and Changing Elements

  • To add an element or a property simply drag and drop it to the appropriate location.
  • To make changes to an element, click on the element itself.
  • Click on properties in the left menu to see the properties and to make further changes.
  • Click on elements to go back to adding elements

Deleting an Element

  • Select an element and click on the red x that appears on the corner of the element


  • Select the element then click on the button that says delete operator or link in the bottom left corner of the workflow

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