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  • For mailbox it is necessary for the connection to remove 2 factor authentication and mark the site as trusted. It needs to configure in Email Account. Here is the procedure for Gmail:
  • Upon selecting [Mailbox] button from [Email Campaign] page, user redirects to Emailbox page

  • If the user clicks the [+ Create] button, [add a mailbox] modal appears
  • To Create new Mailbox,  users will be required to enter
    • Mailbox Name
    • Server name
    • Mailbox Type
    • Encryption Type
    • Email Password
    • From Email
  • Once user click Create, system will validate the entered information
  • After putting all the required information correctly and clicking the “Create” button, new Emailbox will be created and go into the Email Emailbox List

  • User can check corresponding Mailbox [Server name, Type, Email, Archive folder] from Emailbox list
  • From the Emailbox List, click on [Check status (i)] button besides any Emailbox to verify the Mailbox connection status
  • Upon selecting [Edit] button, user will redirect to the [Update Emailbox] screen. User can [add/modify/update] Mailbox information in this screen. Upon clicking [Update] button, new information will be saved
  • Clicking close(X) button will delete the corresponding Emailbox

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