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Import & Export Contacts

To Import Contacts

  1. First go to the “Contacts” tab on the left menu
  2. Then in the upper right side of the page you will see an “Import button” and a separate “Export” button
  3. To import Click on the orange “Import” button
    • You can import contacts using an Excel or CSV file
      • Please check out how the page should be formatted by downloading and checking the Sample Format. You download it by clicking on the “Import” button in the contacts tab then clicking on “Sample Format”
  4. Choose a file to import then click save, you’ll be taken to the next screen for category matching
  5. Before you begin matching your categories select the type of contacts these are, you can choose from Leads, Prospects, or Accounts.
    • Leads are people who you know exist and who potentially fits your ideal customer profile, you have some identifying information about them like a name, phone number, or a location.
    • Prospects are leads that have proven to be a fit for your products/services and are progressing toward a decision by having a continuous conversation with a sales rep or continuing to show interest in your product by visiting your website.
  6. Create a tag for the imported contacts or select from a previously existing one
  7. You can filter, group, and organize contacts according to these tags.
  8. Check our category, then select your matching category. Do this for as many categories as possible or at least for the ones that you’ll need too see on your CRM.
  9. First Name, Last Name, Email, and Company are all required
  10. Then Click Submit

To Export a file click on the “Export” button. It should then automatically export an excel spreadsheet with your contacts

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