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In order to filter contacts click the “List View” button on top of the screen.

You’ll be taken to the List View page also known as the Filter page

You can Filter using 5 methods:

Keyword search: Enter a name, title, tag, or any keyword that would appear in the contact or contact group you are looking for.

Contacts: Where you can split the into any combination of the four groups below.

      • Leads
      • Prospects
      • Opportunities
      • Accounts

Location: Filter by Country, State, City, and/or Zip code

Lead Score: Lead scores are assigned by the way your leads interact with you. The higher the lead score the better.

You can reset the filter at any point using the “Reset” button

Pagination will let user to navigate through all the pages for finding Contacts


You can also Tag selected groups that you filtered from the filter page. Just filter the contacts the way you want them.

Then select the contacts you want by clicking the box on the left of the contact, or selecting all by clicking the box on top.

Finally click the “Tag Contacts” button, you can either select an existing tag or type in a new tag.

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