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Email Campaign List

The Email Campaign List is more than just a list of all the Email Campaigns you have made. It is where you can Send/Run , Edit, Update and Delete Email Campaigns. As well as keep track of status updates and reports.

To send off emails or Run a Campaign

  1. Click on the [Play] button besides any Email Campaign to send that campaign to the lead list you have selected while building the campaign.
  2. To go back and change the leads you want the campaign to go to, you can either edit the campaign which will be explained in the next section, or build a workflow.
  3. After clicking on the [Play] button, a progress bar will be displayed saying “Sending emails in background”
  4. After completing sending emails following information will be updated
  • Total Sent: Number of Contacts that Email is sent to
  • Opened: Number of Contacts have opened that Email
  • Unique Click: Number of unique links clicked from that email
  • Spam: Number of sent emails are identified as Spam
  • Bounced: Number of sent emails are bounced back

Edit your Campaign

  1. Clicking “Edit” button will take the user to the Email Template screen.
  2. Make adjustments to your template and save them or feel free to move to the next section by clicking the next button in the upper right hand corner.
  3. You can [add/modify/update] email campaign information on this screen. Upon clicking “Update” button, new information will be saved.

Checking the Run statistics

  1. Click the Campaign Run Statistics to check how individual runs of the campaign went.
  2. Or to pause and resume running specific campaigns, by clicking on the pause if it’s currently running, or resume, if it finished running or is paused.
  3. Individual runs of campaigns may come from running a campaign through a workflow instead of running it through the Email Campaign section

To Delete your Campaign just click on the red x.

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