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Create Your Own Workflow

  • Upon selecting [Marketing Work Flow] from Left menu, Marketing Workflow page appears
  • User will start from the orange “Create” button. Once user click on “Create” button user is then prompted to choose a workflow between “Your Own” or “System Suggested”
  • Upon selecting [Your Own] user redirect to a page consists of 
  •  (i) Preview Area on the left  (ii) Elements and Properties Panel to the right
  • Based on the business requirements user can create a [Marketing Work Flow] by setting up
  • Add Elements: Actions
  • Connect the added Actions by linking the nodes
  • Add Elements: Conditions
  • Connect the Actions and Conditions by linking the nodes
  • Add Properties to the Actions
  • Action Properties:

Send Email:   (i) Select your target contact (ii) Select email campaign

Wait Event:    (i) Days (ii) Hours (iii) Minutes

Add a Tag:   (i) Add your tag

Send Follow Up Email:   (i) Select email campaign

Post On Social Media:   (i) Select Social Media (ii) Enter Post Content

Send Survey:   (i) Select your target contact (ii) Select survey

Send SMS:  (i) Select your target contact (ii) Select sms campaign

  • Validate Action Properties input field and click on [Continue] button to Create Marketing Workflow
  • Marketing Workflow runs in the background. Actions are performed according to the Conditions sets up for the marketing Workflow
  • Thus, a full cycle of automation can be created

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