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Create New Survey

Click the “Survey” from the left menu

To start building a new Survey click the orange “Create” button in the right corner

Once clicked the “Survey Builder” page will appear as shown below

Drag and drop elements from the right panel.

To make any changes to elements hover your mouse over the elements to see the elements options appear in the right hand corner.

To delete click the “x”.

To make edits and changes click on the pen option.

To make a copy click on the third option, the “copy” button.

Once you are done building the survey click “Save” on the under the elements and you’ll be taken to the survey settings screen.


Fill out the page by entering:

  • Survey Title
  • Email Subject
  • Email Body

After putting all the required information correctly and clicking the “Create” button, new Survey will be created and go into the Survey List

You can go to Workflow to initiate Survey. From Workflow – Select from Action -> Survey -> Select target -> Select survey from drop down.

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