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Create New Email Campaign

Email Campaigns can be used to attract new leads, reconnect with old ones, or to send out updates and adds. To create an email template or a campaign you must go to the Email Campaign section by clicking on the “Email Campaign” tab in the left menu.

  • Click on the orange [+ Create] button on the upper right hand side. A popup will appear.
    • Scroll through and select a pre-made template to adjust or create a new template from scratch by clicking on the “Start Building a New Template Button”

Start Building a New Template:

  • You’ll notice that the elements menu is on the left hand side, drag and drop the elements from the menu into their appropriate position.
  • To make an adjustment to any element click on the element and an appropriate editing menu will appear.
  • Save any changes you make before continuing in the upper right hand. Then click continue to go to the next page.

Finish Setting Up Your Campaign

  • To set up Email Campaign, Enter [Campaign Name, Email Subject, Email Body] and click [Next] button

  • Enter the following information as required and click [Create] button
    •  Lead Type
    •  From Email Address
    •  From Name
    •  Remind text
    •  Company Information > Company Name, Address, City, Zip, Phone, Country
    • Notification Email
  • Once user click Create, system will validate the entered information
  • After putting all the required information correctly and clicking the “Create” button, new Email Campaign will be created and go into the Email Campaign List

Running your Campaign

  • To simply send out emails to everyone in the previously chosen email list you can run your campaign from the email campaign page by clicking on the “Run” button for your campaign.
  • Or if you want more control over your campaign run your campaign through a workflow. We recommend running your campaign through a workflow. To Learn more about running a campaign through a workflow check the workflow help pages.

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