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Connect Accounts and Setup

Your Social Automation while connected to your mPonics account and is accessed through mPonics is actually on a separate page. When you click on the Social Media tab you’ll be redirected to Postable.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is add your accounts.

  1. Once redirected to Postable you will be on the postable Dashboard.
  2. Click on the accounts link on the left menu.
  3. There you will see a message that reads, “You haven’t add any Instagram account yet. Click the button below to add your first account.”
  4. Either click on the blue button directly beneath the message or the on the “New Accounts” link on the top bar.
    • If you want to connect your twitter or facebook first, use the “New Accounts” link
  5. You’ll be prompted to login to whatever account you have chosen.

Once you’ve setup your accounts, please read the article we have on How to Warm Up your Account. This is crucial in making sure you don’t get banned from Instagram. 

To make a post go to your Dashboard. Please upload your media (images, videos, whatever you want to post) in the media section.

  • Next to the title “Media”, you will notice the logos for desktop, dropbox, one-drive, google drive, and URL. Click and choose from one of those areas from which you want to upload. 

To actually post move on to the middle section that says post. Drag the image or Video into the appropriate area then write a caption. Click on schedule and choose a future date and time to schedule your post.

  • If you want to upload the Post immediately click “Post Now”
  • To adjust the account you’re posting on click on the advanced settings drop down.
  • The advanced setting drop down also has the location for the post.
  • You can also plan the first comment in Step 2, next to where it says “Caption” on the left it says “First Comment” click there to write the first comment

If you don’t like the lighting for the page, you can adjust the settings to night mode to make the page dark and grey, or switch it back to day mode to keep the the background white. Just click the yellow (if in night mode) or Grey (if in day mode) switch on the top. 


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