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Marketing surveys help you to understand your target audience’s needs and wants, allowing you to make informed decisions about your business.

Create New Survey
  • Click the “Survey” from the left menu
  • Then click the orange “Create” button in the right corner
  • Once clicked the “Survey Builder” page will appear as shown below




  • Drag and drop form fields from the right panel 
  • User can remove, edit and Copy the form fields 
  • After saving the survey the “Survey Settings” page will appear. 




  • Fill out the page by entering: 
  • Survey Title 
  • Email Subject 
  • Email Body 
  • After putting all the required information correctly and clicking the “Create” button, new Survey will be created and go into the Survey List 
  • User can go to Workflow to initiate Survey. Form Workflow – Select from Action -> Survey -> Select target -> Select survey from drop down
Survey List
  • User can View, Edit/Update Survey and  Delete Survey. Also can View Survey Reports


  • From the Survey List, click on the view button (shaped like an eye) besides any Survey to view the Survey details
  • After completing sending emails following information will be updated
    • Total Send:  Number of Leads that Email is sent to
    • Opened:  Number of Leads have opened that Email


  • Clicked
  • Submitted



  • Clicking [Edit] button will take the user to the [Survey Builder] screen. User can [add/modify/update] Survey information in this screen. Upon clicking [Save] button, new information will be saved
  • Clicking close(X) button will delete the corresponding Survey