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Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining traffic or attention through social media sites.

Tips for Location Targeting in Social Automation

Using locations as a target is the best way to interact with country-specific niches. If you are using locations as a target and aren’t seeing results/getting error messages in the Activity Log, here are some quick tips to achieve better results!

Note: Results vary according to your account type and niche. All advice here is purely for informational purposes and it is your own responsibility to customize locations to fit your targeted audience.

Don’t – use just countries

If you are looking to target just a country, it’s not wise to use a country or big city (e.g. Dubai, Australia, London) as a target. Not only will you be interacting with people outside of these locations (users on holiday etc.) you will also be at risk of receiving the ’empty feed’ or similar error messages. Posts that fit your specifications and also your location targeting are few and far between.

Do – set targets for events and smaller cities/suburbs

You can almost guarantee a return engagement rate from those who frequent places relevant to your niche. Take time to research your niche and find out about the best places to go and the best things to do. As an example, those who are running a vegan page might want to target posts that are located at the local vegan market or the nearby vegan grocer. That way you are interacting with the right people, and the right content.

Do – Change it up!

Keeping to the same targets forever can be rewarding for some people. But a lot of places and events can lose relevancy as quickly as they became relevant. Make sure you are keeping up with your niche to make sure you are targeting where your users are going to be! Plus, you may get better results with a different location. It never hurts to try new things!

Using the Auto Repost tool

Auto Repost is the most advanced tool we have on Postable. This is why it is important you fully understand how and when to use it. This is a guide to show you how to use Auto Repost. Keep in mind that any targets displayed in this guide are for guidance purposes only, you don’t need to use these exact hashtags, people or places in order to get it working.

Warming up your account

The single most important thing to do before using Auto Repost is to warm up your account. Auto Repost will not work with an account that has been added to Postable within the last 3 weeks. If you already have it turned on, and it has failed. You need to turn it off and wait this period. If your account is already past this 3 week period and is still failing, the same applies, but you need to turn it off for a few days. Reach out to live chat if you need more information about the waiting period.

During this period, it is important to use the other modules (Auto Follow, Auto Unfollow, Auto Like, Auto Comment etc.) to build your trust factor. As your account is now considered ‘new’ by Instagram, you will need to build trust factor so Instagram will allow you to do things that a lot of new users can’t (follow more people, like more things in an hour).

Why is my account considered new?

Whenever you log into your account from a new IP, Instagram picks it up as a suspicious login. This also occurs when you are inactive for a while and then begin posting again, if you change your contact details, or if you purchase an account. Once Instagram are suspect, your trust factor with them is gone. Accounts with low trust factors can’t perform as many activities a day or get away with as many things as accounts with higher trust factors. Seasoned users of Automation software tend to have their own Proxies that they take with them as they move across different softwares, so that they don’t run into this problem.

So how do I build my trust factor?

It’s very easy to build your trust factor with Instagram. The first thing would be to interact with other users. Almost everyone that has an Instagram account follows new accounts, likes timeline and target-based media and comments on posts. You can do all of this within our website. Once you have a pattern going, Instagram will ease off of your accounts, and you will be able to perform more actions and get away with commenting more generic things, messaging more people and then Reposting! There is a feature in Boost called ‘View Stories’, which is not only a good way to Boost engagement, it improves trust factor as well! Enabling this will make you seem more human, and therefore can help fast track your way to using Auto Repost.

Using Auto Repost

  1. Set your targets. Your targets can be a combination of all of the three sub-categories.

(Like what you see above? This is our Dark Mode setting which you can activate using the slider on the top of the page)

 2. Set your speed. Start off slow, and don’t change the speed multiple times a day. If you change your speed more than once a day, the count will reset and you will risk a verification prompt (ev/pv) or a ban.

3. Elect if you want to remove the reposted media after a certain period of time. The longest time you can wait before removing the media is 7 day, the shortest is 15 minutes.

4. Set your breaks and caption. For your caption, you can take advantage of Spintax to change up your comment. If you are not sure how to use Spintax, there is a free tool here that you can use. There is a guide in the module itself that shows you how to add full names and usernames of accounts you are reposting from. You can even put the original caption in the post!

5. (Optional) Go to the ‘first comment’ tab and write down a caption to add as the first comment of your reposted media. This may be useful if the media you are reposting has a significant amount of hashtags, and you would like to add your own. Once again, you can use Spintax here to customise the comments without having to add multiple.

6. Set status to ‘Enabled’ and hit save!

It’s important to note that Repost poses more risks than just a security-related ban. A lot of accounts recently have been reporting reposted images for copyright reasons. Make sure you watch your inbox for any messages from the owners of the original posts, they may not want you posting their content on your page.

How to Warm Up your Account

Below is a pretty lengthy read, It’s important you read all of it.

What is account “Warm Up”

Warming up your account refers to the steps of building your trust factor on Instagram, This is a vital step to avoiding issues when using Postable.

Why do I need to warm up an account?

This is an important step to maximising your use of Postable – The process helps establish your connection with us as an a Authentic session – Not doing these steps will limit the amount of Follows, Likes, DM’s & Comments we can send on your behalf, In rare situations this can also cause blocks and Phone Verification requests.

Types of Accounts that need warm up.

  1. New Accounts
  2. Inactive Accounts (Regardless of Age)
  3. When any Major changes are made on your profile (Profile Bio, Email, Authentication, Logging in from a new location)
  4. Newly purchased Accounts (Regardless of Age)

When you first add your account the first few weeks are essential to building a good trust factor – Once you’ve established the account on Postable things like Profile Bio Changes, Adding emails or logging in from new locations don’t require a complete warm up but it’s suggested to slow down speeds and limit the hours worked for a few days.

How to Properly Warm Up?

Below is a good example of a common use of Automation, This is incidentally very wrong.

New Account purchased, Advertised as Aged and email verified, What do you do?

  • You immediately change all the account details.
  • You start posting right away
  • You added a new proxy and rush to use your new account
  • You get a Block or Ban

The problem here would have been regardless of the age you’ve essentially reset the trust factor when that account came into your possession, the new Password and any changes you make would be responsible for this, Below is the proper process you should take

  • Change the Account Details
  • You Follow a handful of people, Like a few posts and rest for a few days.
  • Make a Post, Follow a handful more people, like some pictures, like some comments – Rest for a few days.
  • Add you Account to Postable – Do not enable any Tools for a few days.
  • Whilst Resting avoid using the account on your device if possible.
  • Enable The tool you wish to use on Very Slow – Suggested break times are 3-4 hours activity per day 9AM-1PM – Allow actions for 3-4 Days
  • Enable longer hours – 9AM- 6/7PM
  • Gradually increase speeds – If you encounter a block scale back speeds

You’ll find I don’t specify actual lengths for days – Keep it as dynamic as possible is preferred, The minimum amount of time I would rest for is 24 full hours up to about 96 Hours Maximum (4 Days)

There is no Easy guide to doing this but we’ve made it as easy as Possible – When you add an account you’ll be restricted from changing the speeds until a few days has passed – We also pre-fill break times suitable for a fresh 0 trust factor account – once the speed change timers have ticked down it should be safe to move up in speeds.

Connect Accounts and Setup

Your Social Automation while connected to your mPonics account and is accessed through mPonics is actually on a separate page. When you click on the Social Media tab you’ll be redirected to Postable.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is add your accounts.

  1. Once redirected to Postable you will be on the postable Dashboard.
  2. Click on the accounts link on the left menu.
  3. There you will see a message that reads, “You haven’t add any Instagram account yet. Click the button below to add your first account.”
  4. Either click on the blue button directly beneath the message or the on the “New Accounts” link on the top bar.
    • If you want to connect your twitter or facebook first, use the “New Accounts” link
  5. You’ll be prompted to login to whatever account you have chosen.

Once you’ve setup your accounts, please read the article we have on How to Warm Up your Account. This is crucial in making sure you don’t get banned from Instagram. 

To make a post go to your Dashboard. Please upload your media (images, videos, whatever you want to post) in the media section.

  • Next to the title “Media”, you will notice the logos for desktop, dropbox, one-drive, google drive, and URL. Click and choose from one of those areas from which you want to upload. 

To actually post move on to the middle section that says post. Drag the image or Video into the appropriate area then write a caption. Click on schedule and choose a future date and time to schedule your post.

  • If you want to upload the Post immediately click “Post Now”
  • To adjust the account you’re posting on click on the advanced settings drop down.
  • The advanced setting drop down also has the location for the post.
  • You can also plan the first comment in Step 2, next to where it says “Caption” on the left it says “First Comment” click there to write the first comment

If you don’t like the lighting for the page, you can adjust the settings to night mode to make the page dark and grey, or switch it back to day mode to keep the the background white. Just click the yellow (if in night mode) or Grey (if in day mode) switch on the top. 


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