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Category: SMS Campaign

SMS Campaign

An SMS campaign is a form of marketing that allows you to interact with your customers via text. It’s similar to an email campaign, but is faster and easier to create since it requires no creative other than an initial campaign to get your customers’ numbers, and your 160 character message

Create SMS Campaign

  • Users to enter all the required information correctly in order to Create new SMS Campaign
  • If the user clicks the [+ Create] button, user will redirect to [Create New SMS Campaign] page
  • Enter the following information as required and click [Create] button
    • Campaign Name
    • Text
    • Lead Type
  • Once user click Create, system will validate the entered information
  • After putting all the required information correctly and clicking the “Create” button, new SMS Campaign will be created and go into the SMS Campaign List

SMS Campaign List

User can Send SMS, Edit/Update SMS Campaign and Delete SMS Campaign. Also can View the number send messages


  • From the SMS Campaign List, click on [Play] button besides any SMS Campaign to send that “SMS Campaign” to its selected “Lead Type”
  • After clicking on “Play” button, a progress bar will be displayed saying [Sending sms in background]
  • After completing sending sms following information will be updated
  • Total Send:  Number of Contacts that SMS is sent to
  • Clicking “Edit” button will take the user to the “Update SMS Campaign” screen. User can [add/modify/update] sms campaign information in this screen. Upon clicking “Update” button, new information will be saved
  • Clicking close(X) button will delete the corresponding SMS Campaign