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Category: Manage your mPonics account

Manage your mPonics account

  • Access Profile Setting: To complete or edit profile, access the user menu in the top right corner. A menu will appear. Click Profile to view “My profile”

  • From here you can edit your profile details
  • Upload Image & Edit Personal Info: In this section you’ll be able to introduce yourself and upload your photo or avatar.
  • You can upload a new profile image by clicking “Upload” button
  • Here you can also edit your First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Industry, City, Country, Phone Number, Preferred Time Zone
  • Click Submit to continue
Reset Password

You can change your password for any reason.

  • Reset your password: To Reset Password, access the user menu in the top right corner. From the  menu, Click [Reset Password] option

  • Set up Password by entering same Password in the [New Password] and [Confirm New Password]  input field
  • After selecting [Submit] button, the user will be redirected to the [Login] screen with a success message
  • Now Login to the system using the new Password to ensure that the Password has been reset
Package Plan

Three types of Package Plan are available in mponics. FREE, STANDARD,  PROFESSIONAL and ENTERPRISE. Details of each Package are given below


How to Subscribe

  • Click on “Subscribe” button will take the user to the billing page
  • There are two types of billing cycles
  • Monthly
  • Yearly (10% discount)

  • Back button takes the user to the Package Plan page
  • Based on the selected billing cycle, the “Next” button will take the user to the Payment page

  • Payments should be made using a credit or debit card.
  • Users to enter all the required information correctly in order to make payment
  • If the user presses the “Pay with Card” button, “Subscription Fee” popup will appear
  • To make Payment, users will be required to enter Email, Card number, Expired Date,

CVC number

  • Once user click Pay button, system will validate the entered information
  • After putting all the required information correctly and clicking the “Pay” button, Payment Successful message will appear
  • If check “Remember me” system will remember the entered information

My Bill

  • Upon selecting [My Bill] button, My Bill page appears

  • Package information  are displayed in the Subscription(s) Billing List
  • Following information will be displayed for each package type
  • Month
  • Year
  • Amount
  • Status


  • Upon selecting [+ Addon] button in [Package Plan] page, [Add-Ons] page appears
  • Following options are available in [Add-Ons] page
  • Add-Ons List
  • My Addon
  • Cart


  • Upon selecting [+ Add to Cart] button, corresponding Addon will be added to the Cart
  • Number of added Items and Price will be displayed in the [Cart] icon
  • Upon selecting [Cart] icon, [Cart] page appears
  • In Cart page, added items [Description, Quantity, Unit Cost and Total] will be shown
Manage Users
  • Upon selecting [User Manage] under account settings “User Manage” screen will appear
  • New user can be added based on their Role from “User Manage” screen
  • Upon selecting [+ Add New User] button from “User Manage” screen [Add User] pop-up screen will appear
  • After putting all the required information correctly and clicking the “Add User” button, new User will be created and go into the User List

  • An email will be sent to the given ‘Email address’ for Account’s Password
  • Added new user will be able to login to the System and receive  privileges according to the ‘Role’
  • Upon selecting user will be logged out from the system
  • Upon selecting any country from the dropdown, the website text and language will reflect the language of selected country