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Category: Dashboard


After successfully logging in, user will be landed in Dashboard screen.

New user has to complete their Profile to get started

  • Click [Profile] to display “My Profile” screen
  • Enter all the necessary information as required
  • Required input fields are [First Name, Last Name, Company Name, Industry, City, Country, Phone Number and Preferred Timezone]
  • Click “upload icon” to select a “Profile picture” from the device storage. The file format that can be uploaded are JPEGs (* .jpeg; * .jpg), BMPs (* .bmp), PNGs (* .png), and GIFs(*.gif)

Click “Submit” to save the entered information

The user will get a “Welcome” message in the top left  of the Dashboard screen

New Contacts
  • You can see the number of  New Leads, Prospects and Opportunities at the top of the Dashboard screen
  • The Dashboard is your home page, but you can get back to it by clicking on the “Dashboard” tab on the left hand menu.

Upcoming Appointments
  • You can see all your upcoming appointments on the calendar
  • Select [Today, Month, Week and Day] to see the available appointments
  • Select any option from ‘More’ dropdown list to view the available appointments as per selection.
  • You can select [Agenda week, Agenda day, Year List, Month List, Week List and Day List] 

Lead Status Change
  • You can see the status change of the Leads on the chart.
  • The number of contacts will be shown by month

Social Media Post, Email & SMS Campaign

You can check the current month’s Email campaign information from the chart

  • Number of Sent, Opened and Bounced email of the Email Campaigns will be shown

You can check the current month’s SMS campaign information from the chart

  • Number of Sent and Bounced message of the SMS Campaigns will be shown

You can check the current month’s Social Media Post information from the chart

  • Number of Likes, Comments and Engagements of the Social Media Post will be shown

  • You can see the number of Leads and the source of new  Leads from the Leads Chart
  •  Number of  Leads will be shown according to the Sources after selecting Month
  • The user can download SVG or PNG format of the Chart

Opportunity Status

The Opportunity Funnel is based on following status:

  • Closed/Won
  • Closed/Lost
  • Closed/Abandoned)
  • Likelihood to close (1-10)